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Cooking in Gascony
Situated in the heart of Gascony surrounded by fantastic vineyards, sunflowers, historical chateaux and cathedrals, in the beautiful historic village of Gramont, the Gascony Cookery School offers you the opportunity to experience regional cooking at its best. You will get to experience the heart of village life first-hand, where it is not unusual for unexpected friends or guests to join us to experience the food that you have prepared that day.

Under the guidance of your English host Chef David and French Chef Bernard who both classically trained as chefs in French cuisine and are acclaimed in the area, you will immerse yourself in French life to discover the gastronomic delights of this beautiful area of South West France.
Being a regional experience you will be taken to local markets for your cooking ingredients.
Taste the wine and aperitifs of local wine producers, not forgetting the exquisite tasting experience of Armagnac, native to this area of France.

The main stay of Gascony is ‘Magret de Canard’ and to see Gascony through its farming and production process is quite unique.

The aim of the course is to give you the skills to cook a fabulous dinner party back home to impress even the most experienced foodies. You’ll learn to cook either in the kitchen of the local restaurant the Auberge ("French Farmhouse Restaurant") or in the kitchen at the main house. Classes are no more than 6 at any one session and we offer three themed weekends such as 'Just Deserts', 'Conte de Gramont' and 'Le Vendange', see our 'When to Go' section for more details on these.

You will stay in a gorgeous tastefully renovated intimate hotel tucked away in the peaceful and historic village of Gramont in Gascony. Gascony is a gastronomic paradise whose local dishes are known all over the world.

This really is more than a cookery school; this is living the Gascon life!

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